About the Site

     On July 10, 1999 Dubna celebrated birthday of one of town-forming enterprise - Dubna Machine-Building Plant.

     The lifes of many Dubna's town-dwellers and of the town itself are thrown in with the history of the plant. You know that as a majority of Russian towns appeared in USSR at least the left side of Dubna grew and developed due to a defence industry's enterprise.

     Some stages of this history were mentioned in the book of the former Plant director G.A.Savelyev, which was issued to the plant jubilee specially.

     The book "From Hydroplanes to Supermodern Missiles" were published with the help of "Phoenix+" Publishing Center and great help of the following enterprises:

     But as we understand not all Dubna's town-dwellers especially those ones who left the town are able to buy the book. Besides, for a lot of people which worked with our enterprises or which have relatives here it would be interesting to know more about the town and the plant.
     Along with changes in our life we have got access to the world's cultural and scientific wealth. And may be this book will become a small contribution in the world's history.

     Hence the participants of the book publishing decided to try to publish its materials in the worlds computer net - Internet. To our great pleasure "Kontakt" Company which among its other activities provides access to WWW made free-of-charge room at its site devoted to our native town Dubna.
    By means of banner exchange with similar sites we also hope to allow all people interested in technic history to have access to wider range of interesting materials.

    The site based on the book was designed and translated by A.I.Mamayew with the friendly support of the book author G.A.Savelyev, A.N.Eletsky - author of the artivle on history of jet aviation formation, chief of the "Phoenix+" Ltd (former "Phoenix" Publishing Center) A.V.Patsuk, as well as "Kontakt" Company employees and officials. During the book and site development illustrations by painter A.V.Birkle.